49th Annual KACo Conference & Exposition
Nov. 15-17, 2023 | Central Bank Center | Lexington, KY

Phillip Van Hooser

Award-winning Keynote Speaker, Author, Trusted Advisor: Commonsense Leadership that Compounds Influence

Today’s chaotic business environments have leaders and business professionals longing for a dose of commonsense wisdom. Phillip Van Hooser is a voice of reason in their world of confusing realities.

Phil has been in their shoes. From his own leadership experience in FORTUNE 500 manufacturing, consumer products, and banking, he knows the anxiety and hard costs that follow leadership approaches based on something other than prudence and practicality.

As an HR Director, he had to rectify the results of leaders who misspoke, misspent, and misused their leadership power and position. In the process, Phil realized and refined the foundational, commonsense practices that authentically connect leaders with their people while compounding the significance of their influence and impact.

For the last 30+ years, hundreds of businesses and brands wanting to build teamwork, trust, and a culture of engaged leadership, have confidently turned to Phil Van Hooser for the guidance and encouragement to do it right!