49th Annual KACo Conference & Exposition
Nov. 15-17, 2023 | Central Bank Center | Lexington, KY

Beth Ziesenis

Speaker, Author, Nerd...
(Not necessarily in that order)

To find the right technology that makes your life easier, you could...

  • Sign up for free trials of 19 project management tools
  • Download the top 27 Zoom alternatives
  • Scroll through 49 more ways to make an engaging Instagram post

Or, you could just ask Your Nerdy Best Friend

Beth Z cuts through the noise to bring you tech tips, tools and tricks for productive productivity, sexy social media, tolerable to-do lists and truly collaborative collaborations.

She is exciting, fun, and packed full of knowledge that she shares in easy-to-digest sound bites. Beth takes the fear out of technology and helps you get right to the point with effective apps and tools that you can integrate into your everyday work and life.