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HR 101 – Employee Complaints

Litigation stemming from employee issues in the workplace typically start with an allegation or a complaint. Perhaps an employee makes a complaint about another employee or manager, or perhaps he or she advises someone in management of an employee harassing another employee. Regardless of the specifics of the allegation or complaint, there are some basic steps and procedures to follow at the start of the process to quickly resolve the issue and minimize potential liability.  This session will review what guidelines should be in place to address these issues when they arise.


HR 101- Employee Complaints

  1. Oh NO, now what ?;
  2. Nature of the Complaint and what to do when an allegation is made;
  3. Policy and Procedures outlining investigation;
  4. Importance of documentation and records;
  5. Resolution and discipline.

HR 101- Employee Complaints (PowerPoint) (PDF)

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