How Can Counties Connect to Kentucky’s Statewide Network

Speaking: 10/23/2019 2:45 PM

OpenFiber Kentucky is the network service provider which provides access and interconnection to the Kentucky Wired state-wide fiber network. The network will reach all 120 counties in Kentucky with 3,200 miles of fiber-optic broadband cables. The Kentucky Communications Network Authority has partnered with OpenFiber Kentucky to deliver leading-edge communications services across an extensive high-speed fiber network. These high-speed data services will provide greater opportunities for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), businesses, data centers, cellular towers, cities, counties and schools.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to support our fiber-optic infrastructure, enabling our local networks to provide greater access and broadband speeds to thousands of new subscribers across the Commonwealth. OpenFiber Kentucky’s vision is to help bridge the digital divide by bringing fiber optic technology to both rural and metro areas.

John W. Farris

Sales Director

Open Fiber Kentucky

John Farris is the Director of Sales for Open Fiber Kentucky who facilitates the broadband service offerings to customers and service providers throughout the Commonwealth.  Mr. Farris has 15 yrs. of telecommunication experience working for companies like Insight Communications, Time Warner and most recently as a Regional Sales Manager for Charter.  John will be your main point of contact to discuss services and interconnection to the network.

Leo Cloutier


Open Fiber Kentucky, LLC

Leo Cloutier is Interim CEO of Open Fiber Kentucky where he is working tirelessly to build the organization and provide high speed fiber optic network services to businesses and governments, meeting their mission critical communications needs throughout the state of Kentucky.  Mr. Cloutier was previously part of the senior management team at Bright House Networks, where he helped lead the development of the company’s fiber, voice and wireless businesses. He has over 25 years of experience at telecommunications companies including a variety of engineering, finance and strategy positions.


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